Definitions for "Bulla"
Keywords:  bleb, blister, bullous, vesicle, serous
A bleb; a vesicle, or an elevation of the cuticle, containing a transparent watery fluid.
Medical term for a skin blister.
A large vesicle.
Keywords:  amulet, charm, pendant, luck, roman
A charm worn by young Roman boys
a pendant of leather or metal , usually of circular shape , worn by Roman youths round the neck as an amulet , ornament and sign of free birth, until they reached adulthood
A bulla is an ancient Roman pendant that consists of a rounded container holding an amulet (a good luck charm). The bulla is worn on a strap around the neck.
Keywords:  papal, leaden, seal, chrysobul, locket
A leaden seal for a document; esp. the round leaden seal attached to the papal bulls, which has on one side a representation of St. Peter and St. Paul, and on the other the name of the pope who uses it.
the round leaden seal affixed to a papal bull
unique lead seal attached to legal documents from the papal chancery, gives rise to the term papal bull
Keywords:  sac, dilated, meatus, tympanic, ovoid
The ovoid prominence below the opening of the ear in the skulls of many animals; as, the tympanic or auditory bulla.
Enlarged air sacs in the lungs created when neighboring alveoli break down and merge.
a dilated air sac that is on the surface of the lung
A genus of marine shells. See Bubble shell.
Latin = bubble.
Bulla is a genus of gastropod molluscs, the only member of the family Bullidae which is the only member of the superfamily Bulloidea. The genus consists of herbivorous marine snails belonging to the headshield slugs of the suborder Cephalaspidea and the order Opisthobranchia.
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Keywords:  unpigmented, flexion, vein, wings, fold
Unpigmented area of a vein where it is crossed by a wings fold or line of flexion.
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