Definitions for "Buffers"
products used to raise or lower alkalinity and acidity submitted by Ðank
A substance that minimizes change in the acidity of a solution when an acid or base is added to the solution.
A process of adding Calcium Carbonate, an alkaline, during the manufacture of mat board to achieve an acid free rating.
A coolant additive, such as borate, used to retard coolant pH drops. With age and high temperature use, the glycol component of coolants may tend to oxidize, forming acidic components and a drop in pH which in turn will accelerate corrosion (rusting) of metal cooling system parts. A buffer helps to prevent this pH drop and extend the life of the coolant.
Designated areas of land around which agricultural activities may be prohibited or subject to restrictions. These areas may also be used as Best Management Practices where they are left vegetated to control soil erosion and nutrient pollution. One example of a buffer is a strip of woodland left uncleared between a field and a stream to prevent soil from the field from washing into the stream.------------------------- Home | | Bottom
land adjoining and immediately adjacent to a stream that provides protection from or filters unwanted constituents.
Intermittent Secretion Intestinal Sedative
a reserved portion of memory in which data is temporarily held pending the opportunity to complete its transfer to or from a storage device or another location in memory.
Memory used to transfer data between clients
Memory space for handling data in transit. Buffers compensate for differences in processing speed between network devices and handle bursts of data until they can be processed by slower devices.
Ingredients that help to maintain a pH level that resists neutralization.