Definitions for "Buckeye"
Keywords:  chestnut, inedible, ohio, nut, shrub
A name given to several American trees and shrubs of the same genus (Æsculus) as the horse chestnut.
A cant name for a native or resident of Ohio.
The word "buckeye" can refer to either a shrub or tree of the horse-chestnut family or the hard, poisonous nuts that can be found on them. The tree is the state tree of Ohio, and the word can also refer to a resident of the state of Ohio. Click here to learn more about why Ohioans and the Ohio State sports teams are called Buckeyes.
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Aesculus Oak Quercus
Aesculus octandra
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A brand of powered parachute based on the use of a trike unit and a parachute.
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A small, generally familiy owned, cigar making company.