Definitions for "BUBBLES"
May be single (see Tears) or multiple. Multiple bubbles may be created on the surface of the glass batch by accident and used or by plunging a piece of wet wood or a potato into the molten glass, then gathering and using the bubbly glass. Steuben created fine bubbles by rolling the piece in a carbonate then gathering over the chemical as it decomposed to gas, making bubbles. Bubbles may also be made by grooving the glass with a metal tool or optic or rolling the piece on points of nails and then gathering over the holes which hold air.
Air pockets that have formed in the material of the component. Bubbles may vary in size.
the entrapment of air in the finish.
a white female AKC english bulldog puppy
A financial bubble is a period of wild enthusiasm for a particular asset class which ends in tears. Famous bubbles of the past include the seventeenth century Dutch tulip mania, the English South Sea Bubble in the eighteenth century and the Florida land boom in the early twentieth century. More recent stockmarket bubbles include the huge run-up in US share prices in the 1920s, the Australian nickel boom at the end of the 1960s and the dot-com/ technology stocks boom in the run up to the millennium.
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Bubbles is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire played by actor Andre Royo. Bubbles is a homeless heroin addict with a vast knowledge of surviving on the streets of Baltimore.
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Bubbles is a chimpanzee who lived with pop star Michael Jackson for many years.
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Used in place of rice at a wedding to send off the bride and groom.
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See Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
Bubbles is a arcade game from 1982 by Williams Electronics. The objective of the game is to collect objects in a sink so that your player (which resembles a bubble) expands in size, whereas gains you points and exceeds you to the next level.
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Bubbles are a Swedish girl group, also known as Bless.
The little connecting circles on thought balloons.
Small circles on the input or output lines of logic circuit symbols which represent inversion of a particular signal. If a bubble is present, input or output is said to be active-LOW.