Definitions for "BSD"
SysV: Two competing dialects of Unix. BSD is an acronym for erkeley ystem istribution, an academic version developed at the University of California at Berkeley. SysV stands for Sys tem , a commercial version originally developed by AT&T. The two systems are incompatible in some ways, though they are converging in the latest versions.
Refers to the Berkley Sockets Distribution.
A version of Unix developed at the University of California at Berkeley.
The currency of Bahamas . ISO international currency code: BSD. Learn...
The ISO 4217 currency code for Bahamas Dollar.
Bahamian Dollar
Backside Damage: a process of mechanically damaging the backside of a wafer to increase gettering.
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Big Swinging Dick CBJ- Covered Blow Job (oral sex with a condom)
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(Formerly) Bureau for Sensory Disabilities in the DHFS Division of Supportive Living. In now Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources, both the Office of Hard of Hearing and Deaf and Office of Blind and Visually Impaired.
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Battle Staff Directive