Definitions for "Browsing"
Keywords:  shrubs, grazing, feeding, woody, twigs
Browse; also, a place abounding with shrubs where animals may browse.
Feeding on twigs or shoots, with or without attached leaves, of shrubs, trees or woody climbers. ( BCFT). Cf. Grazing.
The feeding on the above-ground parts of trees and shrubs (buds, shoots and leaves) by livestock or wild animals.
to scan sequentially through locomotive or accessory decoder addresses and status.
Unsystematic surveying of library materials by users, with a view to identifying items of interest.
To look leisurely or randomly through a library collection, book, magazine or other publications. Recently it also means scanning through Web pages for information.
Information retrieval by navigating through a set of Web pages containing lists of resources grouped by subject
The process of navigating around the i-mode portal and viewing content. i-mode browsing is charged at £3 per mega byte (MB). A MB is the total weight/size of pages that can be viewed for £3. On average 70 to 100 i-mode pages can be viewed for 1 MB, however this depends on the graphics on each page.
Hypertext browsing means viewing and navigating through documents by scrolling the screen display or activating hypertext links to display additional documents.
The near-random search for content on the Internet.
reading superficially or at random
Searching the database for objects. In WebDB, you can browse the database using object names, object types, the schemas owning the objects, or any combination of these search criteria.
The act of looking through the World Wide Web, or a Website, as you would do when walking through a shop.
looking around, reading, viewing objects or information, sometimes with the help of some organization or tool (e.g., a browser) --- often with no or only a vague objective, sometimes as in window-shopping
The process of clicking from one hyperlink to another on the World Wide Web. You can browse indiscriminately, or you can do structured browsing, using a hierarchical subject list in a directory.
system capability to find an undefined feature or set of features in a database.
The process of requesting the list of computers and services on a network from a browser.
Clicking through categories and lists of items until you find what you're interested in.
To move through a multimedia program or through a list of files in no particular order. You control which page you go to next and what you view