Definitions for "brownout"
a partial reduction in the amount of electric power available to customers in a region, such as by reduction of voltage or selective cutoff of certain customers; -- it occurs for example in summer when the demand for electricity for air-conditioning exceeds the supply, or when power to certain customers is cut off by a severe storm. It is contrasted with blackout, which is the total loss of electrical power in a region.
A system-wide reduction in voltage, causing fluorescent and HID lamps to partially extinguish, thus reducing available light.
A period of low-voltage power flow. bubble memory A magnetic representation of data on the surface of semiconductor chips. Each bubble represents a binary 1; the absence of a bubble represents a binary 0.
darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft).
Common term for undervoltage, taken from the coloration of filament style light bulbs during undervoltage conditions. See undervoltage