Definitions for "Brooch"
An ornament, in various forms, with a tongue, pin, or loop for attaching it to a garment; now worn at the breast by women; a breastpin. Formerly worn by men on the hat.
Brooches or pins are decorative jewelry designed to be attached to garments. - Pins are usually made of metal, often silver or gold but sometimes bronze or some other material. -Brooches are often decorated with enamel or with gemstones and may be solely for ornament. Sometimes serve a practical function as a fastening..
An ornament used as a clasp for a scarf or as a decorative pin.
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To adorn as with a brooch.
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A painting all of one color, as a sepia painting, or an India painting.
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a must have accessory to add to your wardrobe
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Brush drawing Buffing