Definitions for "Bromide"
A compound of bromine with a positive radical.
Any compound that contains either the Br- ion or bromine with an oxidation state of -1, such as NaBr or HBr.
any of the salts of hydrobromic acid; used as a sedative
a photographic paper used in graphic reproduction, phototypesetting on which a photographic image is created.
A photographic copy of the original artwork. the media need only place this directly into their page layout. It requires no work from the media and ensures total control of the appearance of the advert by the agency/client.
A Photo Mechanical Transfer device. A laser etched black text and screened images on light sensitive paper, used to make up artwork that is ready to print
A person who is conventional and commonplace in his habits of thought and conversation.
a conventional or trite saying; -- often used in the phrase "old bromide".
a trite or obvious remark
Usually, 3 by 4 inch trading cards produced by Amada between ca. 1992 and 1995. Sold in pull packs, similar to PP cards; sets generally have 37 cards. Regular cards have white borders, and chase cards are etched foils (gold and silver). Most commonly seen for Sailor Moon, which had six Bromide sets produced for it. The only exception is the Marmalade Boy bromide set, which had plastic regular cards and double-sided chase cards (foil on one side, prism on the other).   Early Sailor Moon Bromide sets are rarer than equivalent Sailor Moon PP and Carddass sets.
informal term for a platitude that is especially dull, tiresome, or annoying.
Code name for British Jamming equipment used to counter German "X-Beams"