Definitions for "BROMELIAD"
pineapple-like plants, originating from tropical America.
A large family of plants with 56 genera, found in South America (although one species is found in West Africa). The rosette-forming bromeliads grow in all habitats– rainforests to deserts– and up to 7000 meters. Some are terrestrial (the most famous being pineapples) and some grow on rocks, but bromeliads are best known as piphytes– that is, they grow on other plants. Bromeliads use water efficiently and many species have "tanks" – that is, leaves that funnel and store water in the center of the plant. Many animals, such as insects and amphibians, live and breed in these tanks.
A member of the pineapple family of plants, usually epiphytic (requires support from another plant), with stiff leathery leaves, and spikes of bright flowers.
a perfect home for tadpoles because it holds water, nutrients, and protects the tadpoles from predators