Definitions for "Broker"
One who transacts business for another; an agent.
An agent employed to effect bargains and contracts, as a middleman or negotiator, between other persons, for a compensation commonly called brokerage. He takes no possession, as broker, of the subject matter of the negotiation. He generally contracts in the names of those who employ him, and not in his own.
A dealer in money, notes, bills of exchange, etc.
Middleware that mediates communication between applications (including legacy and packaged applications) and enables them to share information. See integration broker, message broker and middleware.
A middleware component in the integration between Hospital Information Systems and PACS systems. It links patient and study data with images, provides worklists to modalities, displays reports on workstations, triggers pre-fetching on a PACS, and so on.
Middle man between shipper and carrier.
A company or individual that executes futures and options orders on behalf of financial and commercial institutions and/or the general public.
(Mortgage/Finance) A professional who will find a lending company for you then liaise with them on your behalf.
Generally, this term refers to the Realtor who is responsible for managing a Real Estate office. When a Realtor has a question, they go to their Broker for advice.
There are two basic types of investment brokers: Full-service brokers offer advice and usually have a full staff of analysts who follow specific industries. Discount brokers execute a client's order, but do not usually offer investment advice.
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A distributed management framework that automates and simplifies most of the complex operations required to create, control, and monitor a Data Guard configuration.
A distributed management framework that automates and simplifies most of the operations associated with the creation, control, and monitoring of a Data Guard configuration. The broker includes two user interfaces: Oracle Data Guard Manager (a graphical user interface) and the Data Guard command-line interface.
Owner or manager of a real estate sales company
See Real Estate Broker.
A person authorized to act for another in a trade of real estate, as set out in appropriate provincial statutory/regulatory requirements.
The primary component of webMethods Enterprise Server, which is now simply called Broker. Broker clients publish documents to the Broker, which in turn passes the documents to other Broker clients that have registered subscriptions for those documents. The Broker is also a repository for metadata needed by adapters. This metadata, referred to as infosets, describes a wide variety of information including database table names, columns, queries, Java code fragments and byte code, component configurations, and much more. A Broker is an independent entity managed by a Broker Server.
See Independent Broker.
In NCS, a server that manages information about objects and interfaces to the objects. A program that wishes to become the client of an interface can use a broker to obtain information about servers that export the interface. See also Location Broker.
In the Renardus context, a system that provides a single interface through which users can search and browse metadata records from a range of heterogeneous services. See: Evaluation Report of Existing Broker Models (Renardus deliverable -PDF format)
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A market professional whose primary task lies in carrying out orders for third parties. If, in performing this task, the firm may also take shares onto its own books to facilitate a trade, it is said to be a 'broker-dealer'.
A firm that acts as a "middle man" in the sale and purchase of electricity, but never owns the electricity and generally does not own power plants.
Common name used to define, generally, firms that act as the middle-man in the financial markets. There are two types of brokers, market makers or ECNs.
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See ABM above.
Synonym for affiliate.
A third party individual who attempts to find the best available financial or other package. Brokers could be affiliated with a larger network in finance, or they may be independent.
Someone who finds financial products that are best suited to an individual's needs
Brokered CD bucket shop
A mortgage broker helps a prospective borrower shop around for the best rate and terms in obtaining mortgage financing.
A server-to-server connection, unmediated by the Hub, through which typed data can be transmitted.
A company which searches a range of lenders for available loan products and matches against the borrowers circumstances. A broker introduces a borrower to a lender who is able to help with the loan that is required.
This professional is involved with processing contracts. Brokers usually aren't involved in directly lending money to the borrower. However, they do have contact with lenders.
One who finds lenders for prospective borrowers who meet the lendersâ€(tm) criteria. A mortgage broker does not make the loan, but receives payment for services.
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Building society Building survey
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the person who can order stocks to be bought or sold.
A company or person authorised to trade in shares on the Stock Exchange.
A piece of software that acts to transfer data across the network in an optimal manner.
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twisted.spread.pb.Broker, the object request broker for Twisted Spread.
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Brokered Deposits
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(See Brokerage Member).
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See Application Broker.
What my broker has made me.