Definitions for "Brochure"
A printed and stitched book containing only a few leaves; a pamphlet; a single sheet folded to make four pages.
a specially-designed booklet used for promoting the advertiser's product, service, or the organization as a whole; usually published on heavier paper stock and often features color photography, illustrations, and elaborate typography.
A folded leaflet with an advertising or promotional message.
Typically formed from a single folded page, this item usually promotes business by combining graphics and text. Communication arts professionals give you the most bang for your brochure buck by knowing how to balance headlines, bulleted text, color, graphics, and white space to make your point concisely and clearly.
a clear and concise means of conveying large amounts of information about yourself or your business in a multi-tiered, orderly fashion
a great idea to share your vision of computing with staff, parents, and the community
A publication advertising and describing the property(ies) available for sale at public auction, often including photographs, property descriptions, and the terms and conditions of the sale.
a branding tool that tells a story about your business
a good tool that introduces you to clients
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download (pdf) Our annual brochure is designed to acquaint you with figure skating and the skating program of the YFSC. Please read it carefully and feel free to contact any of the officers if you have questions. Our 2004-05 brochure is now available for download above. Back to the Top
a predetermined figure
A informational guide to the insurance carrier's guidelines of plans and exclusions.
A plan's description of benefits, limitations, exclusions, and definitions under the FEHB Program.
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a medium for storytelling
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a small book usually having a paper cover
A multi-page presentation of the offer which may include product or service descriptions, "sell" copy, benefits, features, pricing, discounts for quantity purchases, ordering instructions and a call-to-action.
A printed product consisting of a cover stuck or stitched directly to the spine of a single-layer or multi-layer block. The cover generally has the same format as the book block and is made either of material similar to the interior of the brochure or of card. The brochure was originally a temporary form of binding used until the purchaser of a book had opted for a high-quality book cover, which was often very expensive. Nowadays, this binding technique is used as a low-cost mechanical production method.
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a small thing compared to oh, for instance the huge honking city of New York, over which you would like to reign
A type of small publication that contains pictures and information.
Leaflet prepared by the Secretariats and describing briefly the EU-Asia IT&C Programme. This document can be obtained on simple request.
a very effective form of visual communication that invites the user to interact with you
a visual representation of a company, portraying the field it is into
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a good way to alleviate this problem
a statement and should be understood and produced with that in mind
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a generator of residual BV
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a long-term investment and important business, so try to extract as much information from you and take lot of care to ensure every little detail is in place
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a reflection of you
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a single-sheet document which comes in several sizes