Definitions for "BRM"
Business Reply Mail. A convenient First-Class reply mail piece that's included in marketing and account communications.
An envelope or other "letter size" mailer with postage paid and addressed back to the sender.
Postage paid reply cards.
Biological response modifier. A protein or other compound that stimulates immune defense against disease.
Biological response modifier. Treatment to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune system to fight infections and other diseases. Also used to lessen certain side effects that may be caused by cancer treatment. Also called immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological therapy.
Biological response modifier. A substance that boosts, directs, or restores the body's normal immune (defense) system. An example is interferon. BRM's are produced naturally in the body and can also be manufactured in the laboratory.
(bone resorption marker): a laboratory test that quantifies the bone loss ( resorption) occurring usually from ADT or PC; examples include Pyrilinks-D (Dpd) and N-telopeptides
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