Definitions for "Bridle"
The head gear with which a horse is governed and restrained, consisting of a headstall, a bit, and reins, with other appendages.
To put a bridle upon; to equip with a bridle; as, to bridle a horse.
To hold up the head, and draw in the chin, as an expression of pride, scorn, or resentment; to assume a lofty manner; -- usually with up.
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A span of rope, line, or chain made fast as both ends, so that another rope, line, or chain may be attached to its middle.
The bridle extends from the front two stanchions and under the brushbow. The gangline, which is attached to the dogs, connects to the bridle.
A rope or cable attached to two points - typically the right and left chassis members - of a vehicle and converging to a point of attachment for a tow rope.
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A restraint; a curb; a check.
To restrain, guide, or govern, with, or as with, a bridle; to check, curb, or control; as, to bridle the passions; to bridle a muse.
In mechanical terms, a strip of metal joining parts or restraining their movement. Used to reinforce the lock of some firearms, it is positioned between the pan and the frizzen's pivot point.
the line connecting the pilot chute to the parachute bag.
The thin webbing strap from the pilot chute to the top of the canopy. Part of the deployment system which consists of pilot chute, bag and bridle.
To dream of a bridle, denotes you will engage in some enterprise which will afford much worry, but will eventually terminate in pleasure and gain. If it is old or broken you will have difficulties to encounter, and the probabilities are that you will go down before them. A blind bridle signifies you will be deceived by some wily enemy, or some woman will entangle you in an intrigue.
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A mooring hawser.
The cable link between the "horsehead" and the pump rod on a pumping unit.
The disconnectable, rubber insulation-covered downhole end of a survey cable on which current and measure electrodes (cable electrodes) are mounted for resistivity measuring electrode configurations requiring longer spacings than can be attained on a sonde. The head, to which the sonde is attached, is an integral part of the fishing bell and bridle.
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Binding, usually of twisted sinew cord, used to tie lath to stock on medieval crossbows.
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The piece in the interior of a gun lock, which holds in place the tumbler, sear, etc.
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won on the Won easily, without being pushed out.