Definitions for "Breed Standard"
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Official written description of the ideal dog of each AKC-recognized breed, as specified by the breed's parent club. Includes characteristics that allow the breed to perform the function for which it was originally bred and outlines the structure, form, movement, coat and temperament of the breed. Dog show judging is a comparison of dogs to this established standard.
The official guide by which dogs are judged at dog shows. Each breed of dog recognized by the AKC has its own standard (written by the parent club). The standard may specify everything from the curvature of a dog's tail to the color of its eyes. You can obtain a copy of your dog's breed standard and order breed-specific educational videos from the AKC. Many parent clubs offer more detailed information on the standard, such as amplifications and illustrated standards.
a 'blueprint' describing what the ideal specimen of a breed should look like
a written document to describe the best possible physical and temperamental characteristics to perform the tasks for which the breed was originally bred
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Guide to the Breed Standards- Terms
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an important document