Definitions for "Breasts"
Keywords:  puberty, nipple, milk, boobs, bosom
also called boobs, bust, tits, bosom. Breasts start to develop in puberty -- usually between the ages of 9 and 17. Sometimes one breast grows faster than the other. A mother's breasts can produce milk for her baby. Every girl and woman's breasts are different sizes and shapes. Some boys start to develop breasts during puberty. This is caused by hormones, and when the hormones settle down the 'breasts' will go away. Back to the top
Yes men do have them, but they are non-functioning mammary (milk-producing) glands in men. Small muscle fibers located in the nipple cause them to become erect when stimulated by cold temperature and sexual arousal. For some men, they are an erogenous zone.
Important erogenous zones. The nipples are particularly sensitive.
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