Definitions for "Breast cancer"
If not removed from the body, a potentially fatal tumor because of its ability to leave the breast and go to other vital organs and continue to grow. These are uncontrolled breast cells that are abnormal with uncontrolled growth.
Recommendation Beta-Carotene"...The study found that the cancer-free group ate many more beta carotene-containing fruits and vegetables than he women with breast cancer..." Recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition"In the Nurses' Health Study, beta carotene proved protective against breast cancer for more than 87,000 women..."
A cancerous tumor of the breast tissue.
Our Question about which nipple(s) discharge is coming from"If the discharge is milky, and coming from both breasts, it may simply be an imbalance of prolactin hormone, which can easily be tested for through a blood test..."
Our Question about nipple discharge color"Nipple discharge is usually harmless, and should not signify anything seriously wrong..."
a tumor smaller than two centimeters across with lymph node involvement or a tumor that is larger than two but less than five centimeters across without underarm lymph node involvement
The Condition"...This preferred test is called AMAS (Anti-Malignin Antibody Screen) and is available for doctors worldwide through Oncolab..."
The Condition"... Postmenopausal age..."