Definitions for "Breaker"
Keywords:  plunging, spilling, steep, shore, surge
A wave breaking into foam against the shore, or against a sand bank, or a rock or reef near the surface.
A water wave in which water at the top of the wave curves over the base of the wave.
A wave tripped by shoaling water. The three types of breakers are spilling, plunging, and surging.
An electromechanical device that acts as a switch and fuse combination to protect and disconnect a circuit in case of an overload.
The electrical safety fusing device located in the electrical load center of each trailer. Rated in specific ampage capacities, each breaker protects a specific electrical circuit against overloading due to an electrical short or unusual electrical demand or load. There are standard (or resistance type) and G.F.I. breakers.
short for circuit breaker.
Specifically: A machine for breaking rocks, or for breaking coal at the mines; also, the building in which such a machine is placed.
a coal processing plant where the coal is cleaned of debris, sized, washed, and prepared for market
Large machine for breaking coal
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Photo courtesy of Duncan Heron, Duke University, Department of Geology
Someone who disassembles books, usually to sell individual plates when the book is in very bad condition or is already missing some leaves or plates.
A person who breaks up books to sell the plates individually, or the book itself when the covers are so bad that it either has to be rebound or broken up.
Someone who removes the illustrations or tipped-in plates from books in order to sell them separately. The book these plates are taken from is often damaged and would otherwise require expensive rebinding. The plates may be in fine condition and thus worth more if sold alone. Many, however, find this practice quite objectionable.
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A term, along with "Break," used when a CB operator wants others on a channel to break off routine chatter: "Breaker. Breaker.,, Also refers to the person who is calling: "Hold on, Pink Panther, we got a breaker." See also "button-pusher."
Keywords:  interjects, qso, ham, chance, repeater
A ham who interjects his call sign during a QSO in an attempt to get a chance to communicate over a repeater.
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Breaker is the third album released by the speed metal band Accept. It was recorded from December 1980 to January 1981 at Delta-Studio, Wilster. All compositions by Accept.
A hand held pneumatic tool. Designed for light demolition work, digging, making holes etc. ( 099)
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Breaking pressure Breakout pressure
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A chemical added to a frac fluid. Used to degrade the gel and change it from a high viscosity to a low viscosity fluid to allow for better flow back.
reduces rags to smaller pieces for beating in a Hollander.
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A small water cask.
A device usually found in the home, on a pole or in a substation. It is designed to open automatically when a fault occurs. It can be operated manually or automatically.
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a quarry worker who splits off blocks of stone.
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See "tie break"
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Expressions Breast Line Rigging
Keywords:  dogs, horses, trains, one
n. One who trains horses, dogs, etc.
Keywords:  egg, shell, cracks, firm, business
A person, firm, or other business unit that cracks (breaks) shell eggs to produce egg products.
Keywords:  prospect, ice, buy, first, product
a product that 'breaks the ice' with your prospect and is usually the first product they buy from you
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One who, or that which, breaks.