Definitions for "Branding"
The careful selection and use of trademarks, images, and messages to establish a distinct identity for a product or service.
the all-inclusive process whereby a brand and a brand image are developed and differentiated from all other products.
It's what we do whenever we create a logo and put it outhere - as a farmer puts his mark on his sheep so we do with companies products and services. Becomes more and more important with larger companies but from the Start-up stage to corporations branding is key.
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The use of a hot metal object to scar the body. Sometimes seen as the "ultimate" act of submission
Using branding tools to burn scars into the body. Human branding tools are very specialized -- not the Hollywood cattle brand type tool. Outcomes in branding are often hard to predict, as the scar can spread and blur differently depending on each individual's skin.
marking cattle or horses with a hot iron that imprints the symbol of the owner on the animal's hide.
Branding is a marketing strategy that attaches a name with a destination. The aim is to create a perception of the destination in the mind of potential visitors that distinguishes the destination from others and attracts visitors to the area.
A marketing term. Brand recognition and brand loyalty are well-known phenomena dear to marketers' hearts. Branding is the process through which you establish loyalty.
A recent phenomenon in economics wherein a company shifts its resources from producing goods or services to producing a corporate image defined by abstract emotional or spiritual qualities.  Critics of this process have suggested that the reallocation of resources and the marketing strategies it entails contributes to trends such as the rise of child and sweatshop labour in developing nations, a decline in the number and quality of available jobs, and a disturbing new invasiveness on the part of corporations into our lives and minds.
A school of advertising that says, "If the consumer has heard of us, we've done our job." Fortunately for agencies, brand value is extremely difficult to measure, so branding campaigns can be easily defended with grandiose predictions of future glory.
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the act of stigmatizing
Branding is the customization of the Internet Explorer browser and components, the installation wizard and CD Autorun screen with an organization's artwork, text messages, welcome pages, etc. Branding an installation differentiates a customized package from a generic Internet Explorer installation.
User-defined information such as headers, footers and watermarks that are applied to documents. More information
Branding refers to the Intuit infrastructure that contains information about each Financial Institution that is live with Intuit client software. Each Financial Institution is assigned a Branding Identifier that represents their Branding Presence. The list of Financial Institutions that are displayed within Intuit Client software is generated by the Intuit Branding system.
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Commonly referred to as engraving.
The process by which the true character and purpose of the company or organization is communicated.
The specific identification of a company by which it becomes known, used, trusted and quoted by the consumer.
a marking that a stable owner puts on her horses to show ownership