Definitions for "Branch"
A shoot or secondary stem growing from the main stem, or from a principal limb or bough of a tree or other plant.
Any division extending like a branch; any arm or part connected with the main body of thing; ramification; as, the branch of an antler; the branch of a chandelier; a branch of a river; a branch of a railway.
To shoot or spread in branches; to separate into branches; to ramify.
Any member or part of a body or system; a distinct article; a section or subdivision; a department.
To divide into separate parts or subdivision.
a decision between two sets of instructions
The graphical representation of an evolutionary relationship in a phylogenetic tree.
An edge or internode (connection between two nodes) on a tree (graph theory); on a phylogenetic tree, a branch is commonly used to represent a lineage, whether ancestral or terminal. The term is sometimes also used for an internode and all nodes and internodes distal to (descended from) it.
A portion of the folder tree which contains other folders and files
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A portion of a real railroad that branches off from the main line to reach a town or industry or to connect with another railroad.
a funeral establishment that is part of a multi-unit enterprise within this state
a part of a family
A local congregation. In areas where there are not enough members of the Church to create a ward, branches are formed within districts. Branch boundaries, like wards, are determined geographically.
The smallest congregational unit of the Church, a branch is a pre-cursor for a ward. In order to qualify for a ward, certain criteria must be met, among which are a minimum number of worthy priesthood holders.
A smaller congregation in an area where the Church is in a developing stage.
A codeline that was created by copying another codeline, as opposed to a codeline that was created by adding original files.
codeline, project, stream A collection of related files that can be managed as a unit. When you create branches in Perforce, the relationship between source and target files (in other words, the ancestry of files) is preserved.
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If watered, it will grow into a computer club (see computer club).
local unit of AAUW (not "chapter" or "club"). See national and NC lists of branches.
The basic local unit of AAUW (not chapter or club).
Diverging from, or tributary to, a main stock, line, way, theme, etc.; as, a branch vein; a branch road or line; a branch topic; a branch store.
a path connecting two junctions
a point of divergence
The Intel® Itanium® architecture supports several types of branches. These include conditional and unconditional branches (jumps), function calls and returns, and loop branches.
a change in the flow of control, such as an if , for , or do statement
A conditional transfer of control from any statement to any other statement in a component, or an unconditional transfer of control from any statement to any other statement in the component except the next statement, or when a component has more than one entry point, a transfer of control to an entry point of the component.
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The Union has a number of branches which are collections of members defined by area and/or sector. The branch also provides an umbrella for a number of chapels and will assist with issues relating to chapels and individual members wherever possible. Members or chapels with motions for ADM must do so through their branch. Chair A branch officer and representative, the Chair also presides over meetings ensuring that the correct procedures are followed. The current Chair of the branch is James Doherty.
a group of QDMA members who are interested in promoting the science and philosophy of QDM and the QDMA
a regional subset of it SMF Canada members, who come together to promote IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices in their region
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A non-cyclical graph of revisions, i.e. the complete history of a particular revision, which is called the branch head. The branch heads are stored in $GIT_DIR/refs/heads/. See also: BranchesInGit.
A derivative set of revisions to an artifact that can evolve independently from any revisions to the source artifact.
a directory entry which contains all attributes of a segment while a link is a directory entry which contains the pathname of another directory entry
A segment selected from the response of the user or viewer. To jump from one location to another in a multimedia program.
A term used in interactive media programming which refers to the directions the program may take based on user responses. A branch is a program segment linked to other segments by decisions the program viewer makes.
A branch is an element in a state machine where a single trigger leads to more than one possible outcome, each with its own guard condition.
a place within a state machine where a trigger leads to more than one possible outcome, each of which has an associated guard condition or the keyword else
a way of showing how a single incoming transition may take one of several outgoing transitions
a local office or shop of a business.
A department or office of a financial institution, identified by a sort code.
a grouping of officers that comprises an arm or service of the Army in which, as a minimum, officers are commissioned, assigned, developed and promoted through their company grade years
A line of family descent, in distinction from some other line or lines from the same stock; any descendant in such a line; as, the English branch of a family.
A line of descent from one progenitor, not necessarily limited in time or place. = line.
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a natural consequence of development
a mechanism that CVS provides to isolate the changes being made by different development activities from each other
an ongoing line of development
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a part of a forked or branching shape; "he broke off one of the branches"; "they took the south fork"
divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork; "The road forks"
a growth of the vine, produced to bear fruit
It betokens, if full of fruit and green leaves, wealth, many delightful hours with friends. If they are dried, sorrowful news of the absent.
an extension of a foreign enterprise and therefore has no separate and independent legal personality
an extension of a foreign enterprise that carries out the activities of the head office in the local area, and derives income from its operations in the said area
a subordinated establishment set up in Belgium by a foreign company on whose behalf and under whose responsibility it operates
a group of Okanagan College (or OUC) alumni living in the same geographic area outside of the Okanagan Valley
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a powerfull tool
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a cable emanating from a submain
The FEQ representation of a reach of a channel or other watercourse between hydraulic features that cannot be represented by the governing equations for gradually varied flow.
One of the portions of a curve that extends outwards to an indefinitely great distance; as, the branches of an hyperbola.
The portion of the shoe that curves back from the toe towards the heel.
To adorn with needlework representing branches, flowers, or twigs.
a witty look at a woman struggling to find herself though she is middle age
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a concatination of one or more pieces
a concatenation of zero or more constraints or quantified atoms
a part of a company that is organised so as to conduct business on behalf of a company as opposed to carrying on business which is merely ancillary or incidental to the company's business as a whole
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In Kenpo, we refer to our legs as branches.
Leg or an attack made kicking.
a diversion from the mainline, sort of an 'alternate universe', where files are allowed to be different than the mainline
a place in a program where the Sorcerer must make a decision, and execute different parts of the program according to that decision
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Small stream.
a stream or river connected to a larger one
A smaller stream that flows into (“branches” off from) a larger one.
a EU-Rent location
a secondary location of a business
a secondary location of its headquarters
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a sequence of images
For script execution to jump to a different point in the linear sequence of events, as the result of a Go To or Repeat event.
A warrant or commission given to a pilot, authorizing him to pilot vessels in certain waters.
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any projection that is thought to resemble an arm; "the arm of the record player"; "an arm of the sea"; "a branch of the sewer"
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a complex of shoot modules formed over more than one annual growth flush
a mortgage brokerage operating under Source Financial
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a static web page with text, pictures, and links to related information on a specific subject
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To create new files with the integrate command.
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an if "do something" (else, "do another")
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a way to save images from many clients that are very similar
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a set of moves from a certain starting point to some kind of end
a level where more than one name is used to identify a collection of named resources
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A container object and all the objects it holds, which can include other container objects.