Definitions for "Brakeman"
Keywords:  sled, pusher, last, grooved, run
The last person to enter the sled at the start. Known as the brakeman because he or she is responsible for pulling the brake to stop the sled at the end of the run.
The person in the last seat of a sled, who applies the brakes when a run has ended.
The last pusher to enter the sled at the start of a race. The brakeman is also responsible for applying the brakes at the end of a run by activating a grooved piece of metal that goes into the ice, thus stopping the sled.
A rare type of coaster feature where the ride operator actually rides on the coaster train, and uses a lever to manually operate the brakes as the coaster travels the circuit, and to stop it when it returns to the station. Such coasters - generally old models - have no automatic brakes like those found on more modern rides.
A member of a freight or passenger train crew. His duties are to assist the conductor in any way necessary.
a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes
Keywords:  hoisting, mine, winding, engine, charge
The man in charge of the winding (or hoisting) engine for a mine.
the person responsible for monitoring and applying brakes as directed by the engineer.
Keywords:  charge, man
A man in charge of a brake or brakes.