Definitions for "Brahma"
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He who created the Hindoos, who are preserved by Vishnu and destroyed by Siva -- a rather neater division of labor than is found among the deities of some other nations. The Abracadabranese, for example, are created by Sin, maintained by Theft and destroyed by Folly. The priests of Brahma, like those of Abracadabranese, are holy and learned men who are never naughty. O Brahma, thou rare old Divinity, First Person of the Hindoo Trinity, You sit there so calm and securely, With feet folded up so demurely -- You're the First Person Singular, surely. Polydore Smith
The One First Cause; also, one of the triad of Hindu gods. The triad consists of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and Siva, the Destroyer.
supreme god of the Hindu pantheon
A valuable variety of large, domestic fowl, peculiar in having the comb divided lengthwise into three parts, and the legs well feathered. There are two breeds, the dark or penciled, and the light; -- called also Brahmapootra.
any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant grayish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding
Brahmas are an Asiatic breed of chicken, originating in the Brahmaputra region in India where they were known as "Gray Chittagongs". Their heritage is unclear, but they're are assumed to be closely related to the Jungle Fowl (Gallus Gigantus) and the Cochin chicken.
Best, highest [Sanskrit, Pali].
a deity of the highest heavenly realms
A Brahmā in Buddhism is the generic name for a type of exalted passionless deity (deva), of which there are a very large number in Buddhist cosmology.
Brahma is a Brazilian beer, originally made by the Companhia Cervejaria Brahma which was founded in 1888. The brands are now owned by the Company In Bev; formed by a merger between Companhia de Bebidas das Américas Am Bev; and Interbrew. It is famous for its innovative advertising which has won many awards at festivals such as Cannes.
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Brahma is a library written for the .NET platform, to provide high-level access to graphical and general purpose processing on the GPU. It eliminates the need for a shading language, generating shader code directly from IL at runtime.
the 9th cakra, with melakartas having M2, R1 and G3, comprising numbers 49-54