Definitions for "Bracing"
Keywords:  crane, guitar, seismic, thrusts, rods
Imparting strength or tone; strengthening; invigorating; as, a bracing north wind.
The act of strengthening, supporting, or propping, with a brace or braces; the state of being braced.
This can be Temporary, Stability or Wind Bracing which are described under these headings.
Keywords:  notches, bow, bending, string, place
Bending the bow to place the string in the notches.
Keywords:  truss, collectively, system
Any system of braces; braces, collectively; as, the bracing of a truss.
Securing a shipment inside a carrier's vehicle to prevent damage.
Keywords:  temporary, permanent, see
See Permanent Bracing and Temporary Bracing.
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