Definitions for "Bouquet"
A nosegay; a bunch of flowers.
A perfume; an aroma; as, the bouquet of wine.
Like a bouquet of flowers, a perfume's bouquet is composed of a variety of floral notes. Bouquet can also refer to a perfume with origins in different perfume families.
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an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
a must on such a day, for some women, it goes without saying, that she should receive some flowers
a floral design comprised of more than one flower.
In perfumery, a blend of natural or synthetic scents which reproduces a specific odor, such as rose or jasmine. Also known as a compound or a blend.
large reddish shrimp. See also Crevette rose.
To dream of a bouquet beautifully and richly colored, denotes a legacy from some wealthy and unknown relative also, pleasant, joyous gatherings among young folks. To see a withered bouquet, signifies sickness and death.
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A tasting term describing the characteristics of a beer when nosed; may be flowery, fruity, malty, or spicy. Most central to pilsners, but important to all styles.
a perfect symbol of the blossoming of the frienship between India and Pakistan
The term applied to teas which have superlative flavour. Bouquet is normally noticed on the infused leaf.
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a leading gifting service
an excellent gift anytime of the year
an ideal gift for someone you love
Multiple breaks of small chrysanthemums.
Reinsurances of different classes of insurance transacted by an insurer offered as a package deal to a reinsurer.
A collection of digital multimedia services marketed as a single package, often transmitted in a single data stream. See also Digital Multiplexing.
A package of television channels.
A number of fireworks (normally candles) fused together, lighting one fuse sets them all off for a long duration or concentrated effect.
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Fountains or low level stars fired together
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a great way to say
A collection of services marketed as a single entity.