Definitions for "bounds"
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The minimum and maximum values permitted as a subscript of an array for each dimension. For each dimension, there are two bounds - the upper and lower bounds - that define the range of values for subscript
The range of subscript values for elements of an array. The lower bound is the smallest subscript value in a dimension, and the upper bound is the largest subscript value in that dimension. Array bounds can be positive, zero, or negative. These bounds are specified in an array specification. See also array specification.
(n.) for a named array, the limits within which the values of the subscripts of the array elements must lie.
the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something; as, the fotball was caught out of bounds.
the greatest possible extent or degree of something.
the greatest possible degree of something; "what he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior"; "to the limit of his ability"
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a simple object which surrounds a more complex one. When tracing, POV-Ray first does intersection tests against the simple bounding object. If the ray does not intersect the bounding object, it does not intersect the complex one (since the complex one is entirely inside the simple one). Thus, POV-Ray doesn't have to perform a lengthy test with the complex object. The bounded_by statement is used to assign bounds to an object. Automatic bounding objects is controlled with a command-line parameter. ( Command-line Parameter Reference)
boundary lines; metes and bounds is method of describing land by measure of length (metes) of the boundary lines (bounds).
One of the dignities (also known as "terms", from the latin terminus), thought of as delimiting a certain circumstance within a certain confine of life. Often used in life expectancy calculations.
pertaining to measuring natural or man-made features on the land.
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the outside boundary of the court.
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A player's turn. Play is in alternate bounds. [page 3