Definitions for "Bounce"
(slang) — An e-mail is bounced when it is returned to its sender without being delivered. This is usually because the e-mail address that the e-mail has been sent to is incorrect, or the user is over their e-mail quota.
An email that cannot be sent. There are two types of bounces: 1. a hard bounce occurs when the destination server does not exist; 2. a soft bounce occurs when the destination server does not respond, responds too slowly to receive the mail correctly, or reports a temporary problem such as a network outage.
A message sent by a receiving system that “bounces back” to the originating server to alert the sender of the non-delivery.
To strike or thump, so as to rebound, or to make a sudden noise; a knock loudly.
To leap or spring suddenly or unceremoniously; to bound; as, she bounced into the room.
To drive against anything suddenly and violently; to bump; to thump.
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The amount of the trailing edge of the club which is below the leading edge.
Angle of the club's sole in relation to level/horizontal, or the amount that the leading edge of the club is higher than the part of the club's sole that is lowermost (usually used in reference to irons -- wedges in particular -- and measured in degrees)
The measurement from the leading edge of the club face to the groundline. Wedges typically have the most bounce in a set of clubs. Bounce helps these clubs go through sand and high grass easily.
colloq. a term for something you generally want to avoid... It involves landing after freefall without deploying a parachute.
Crash landing without the aid of a parachute (Not recommended).
To land after freefall without the aid of a parachute.
To boast; to talk big; to bluster.
Bluster; brag; untruthful boasting; audacious exaggeration; an impudent lie; a bouncer.
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When recording or sequencing, to bounce tracks means to combine (mix) several tracks together and record them on another track.
1) Diffuse light that has been reflected from the stage, walls, cyc etc. 2) Describes the fast in/out movement of "bouncing" flown house tabs, used during curtain calls. This can also apply to the fast blackout/lights up cues that happen at curtain calls. 3) This facility is available on many multitrack tape machines. Describes the mixing down of multiple sounds from different tracks onto one track, hence freeing up the other tracks to be re-used. Allows many sounds to be recorded onto one tape.
When there aren't enough tracks available on a multitrack tape recorder, it may be necessary to record a number of tracks on to one single track, freeing a number of channels for recording new sections. This is called bouncing down or "Ping Pong" recording.
To get killed while skydiving. Also known as to frap, or go in. Not a good thing to do.
To land at unsurvivable speed. Also to frap, or go in.
A term used to describe when a press has problems lining up one color to another due to a paper shift during the printing process.
Electronic trigger bounce is caused by the imperfect electric connection in an electronic switch. The trigger is not "on" or "off," it is a series of uneven pulses sent to the board. If the pulse is uneven enough that the board thinks there were two trigger pull events, the marker will fire twice. Raising the de-bounce setting on the board will help alleviate this problem.
Mechanical trigger bounce is when the trigger pull is so short that the recoil of the marker moves enough to fire the marker again. Typically only a problem with electronic markers, due to their very light trigger pulls. Raising the de-bounce setting on the board will help alleviate this problem.
(1) A registration problem, usually on copiers, where the image appears to bounce back and forth. A bounce usually occurs in one direction depending on how the paper is passing through the machine. This is usually accented by card stock (especially if it is over the machine's spec). (2) When a customer refuses a job for whatever reason.
come back after being refused; "the check bounced"
refuse to accept and send back; "bounce a check"
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Bon Jovi's 8th studio album and tenth album, Bounce was released in October of 2002. Bounce was heavily influenced by the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack, owing in part to Jon Bon Jovi's proximity to New York.
Bounce is a musical by Stephen Sondheim with a libretto by John Weidman. Harold Prince directed the musical when it premiered on June 20, 2003 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago (interrupted by a lawsuit by Scott Rudin) "B'way Loses Its 'Bounce'" at . The production also played at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2003, but was never mounted in New York.
Bounce is a 2000 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck, and directed by Don Roos.
"Bounce" is a Pop/Soul song performed by German pop star Sarah Connor. The song samples from Mary J Blige's single "Family Affair".
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To bully; to scold.
Bounce, a set of Java and Swing extensions, including ... layout managers like a FormLayout and CenterLayout, image filters, a comprehensive messaging mechanism, a XMLEditorKit with syntax highlighting and automatic indentation and more.
a layout element beginning with an inaccessible area, forcing the player to sidetrack and remove the obstacle before proceeding
(now out of date) a buoyant beat; once particularly current in the phrase businessman's bounce, which described a monotonous two-beat played at a fast and nervous tempo for the delectation of tired businessman and their partner's.
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A dogfish of Europe (Scyllium catulus).
Lighting that strikes your subject after reflecting off another surface, so that it's softer and less directional
A reflector, usually white, silver or gold, used to bounce light back from the main light onto the subject.
Flash or tungsten light bounced off a reflector (such as the ceiling, walls or brolly) to give the effect of natural light. (see Brollies)
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a poorer performance by a horse in a race soon after a previous race in which the horse made a strong effort, and due to that effort
Pass A lame pass by him who bounces his efforts
A bounce, also called a no-stride, is a fence sometimes found on the cross-country course of eventing. It is also very commonly used in grid-work or gymnastics. It consists of two fences placed close together so the horse can not take a full stride between them, but not so close that the horse would jump both fences at once.
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poor race run after career-best or near-best performance.
A poor race run directly following a career-best or near-best performance.
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A projectile, arrow, or magic ball hitting the ground before it hits its target.
hit something so that it bounces; "bounce a ball"
a play in which a player causes the ball to bound once on the floor and regains possession of the ball
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Bounce was Tarkan's debut English language single. It was released in Turkey, his home nation, in 2005, before being released in Germany in March 2006.
a light springing movement upwards or forwards
The upward and forward movement of an aeroplane which has struck the ground without flattening out sufficiently
Intermittent opening and closing of closed contacts or closing and opening of open contacts, usually implying the motion resulting from contact impact.
spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
A point where a stock price has fallen to support, or risen to resistance, and then reverses the up or down trend convincingly.
Alternating characters in an up and down position.
move up and down repeatedly
Fluctuations in PSA levels 18 to 24 months after radiation therapy. These fluctuations are considered normal unless a dramatic increase in PSA levels is detected three consecutive times, two years or more after seed implantation or EBRT, potentially indicating a cancer recurrence.
The abnormal reaction to compression, which results in erratic rotational movement of the rollers or cylinders. Likely to cause imperfect impressions. Can be caused within printing or die cutting units.
Rotational movement of the cylinders caused by compression.
This term is used to indicate a weight change onto both feet. Transfer weight to balls of feet, heels off the floor, knees bent slightly. Usually done in half counts.
An exceptionally poor performance on the heels of an exceptionally good one.
database is bounsed or recycled when it is shutdown and re-started.
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A deadly fall.
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a visitor session where the visitor only views one page of the site and then leaves
a visitor who comes to your site and leaves without looking at any other pages
A bounce occurs when a visitor exits a page without visiting any other page on the site.
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Arrogance; "to come on the bounce" - make an arrogant demand.
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Akin to re, this is said when people are briefly disconnected.
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Bounce, often abbreviated as BNC, is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks. Using a bouncer allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as providing the possibility of routing traffic through a specific location. A bouncer can also be used to hide the true target to which a user connects.
the amount of variability or stability in a frequency over time; the measure of same. On a Standard Celeration Chart bounce is defined by the range of deviations of frequencies from the celeration line. Bounce is independent of celeration and frequency.
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Straight-line motions of the sprung mass of a car in a vertical direction.
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A paintball that bounces off of your body instead of breaking.
An undesirable phenomenon in which the reproduction of book or magazine pages is off by as much as 1/16 of an inch.
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An explosion, or the noise of one.
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A quick, moderate rise in the price of a stock following a precipitous decline. also called dead cat bounce.
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a great attraction where families want to have fun
Used to describe the changing of pH levels from one extreme to the other. Usually caused by low total alkalinity.