Definitions for "Bottoming"
When a car's chassis hits the track surface, sometimes making sparks fly. This is because the suspension has hit the maximum amount of compression it can take, for example due to increased downforce.
This is when the chassis actually touches the ground as the suspension compresses from aerodynamic downforce, and from vertical G forces on oval track banking or over bumps in the pavement.
When the front or rear suspension systems use ALL available travel to absorb an impact. Forks or shock have completely collapsed.
Stamping or impressing a stamp or die to the background of the characters so that the metal upset or displaced by the die is smooth and flat.
Stamping or impressing a stamp or die to the background of characters, design; ironing out upset or metal displaced by the stamping die.
Forming operation in which the punch and the die is closed completely on the workpiece.
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A digging term indicating when one has reached the bottom of a hole, i.e. the original level of soil upon which the dump is located. This hole dug in Pretoria "bottomed" at more than 7 metres and yielded very few items
The attachment of the lasted footwear to the sole by direct or indirect method of construction.
The process of fastening the upper, midsole, and outsole together during the assembly process. Performed either by stitching or direct injection.
Used either to describe a thorough scouring or the application of a base colour.
Keywords:  saddling, recess, carved, comfort, seat
The curved recess carved into the top surface of the seat to improve comfort. Sometimes called the saddling.
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A transistor in the fully conducting state.