Definitions for "Botrytis"
Keywords:  rot, cinerea, noble, shrivel, sauterne
(boh-TRI-tihs): The ‘Noble Rot’ - a beneficial kind of mould or fungus that may appear on late-harvested grapes, causing them to shrink and dry so the natural sugars become highly concentrated.
A grey mould or fungus which affects plants in humid conditions.
Noble Rot. A fungus that shrivels the grapes and concentrates the sugar content. Under controlled conditions this can result in a very pleasant wine. Sauternes are vastly improved when made with this sort of grape.
sp. Aw: 0.93. Conidia dimensions: 7–14 x 5–9 microns. Reported to be allergenic. It is parasitic on plants and soft fruits. Found in soil and vegetables. Possibly associated with allergic symptoms.
(bow-try-tus) – contaminant, parasitic on plants and fruits. Rarely involved in human infection, but it is reported to be allergenic.