Definitions for "Borrower"
The individual who is requesting the loan and who will be responsible to pay it back.
The borrower is the person that is getting the loan from the lender.
An entity that assumes debt.
Someone who receives funds that must be repaid, usually with interest.
The person or organization that obtains credit from a lending organization with the understanding that it will be repaid, with interest, within a fixed term.
An individual who obtains credit from a lender with the agreement that it will be repaid, with interest, within a defined timeframe.
The mortgagor or buyer in a mortgage agreement.
The person, sometimes referred to as the mortgagor, who obtains a mortgage loan.
The mortgagor; one who gives a mortgage as security for a debt.
Patron. The established borrower codes reflect different categories of borrowers, e.g. Adult, Juvenile, Staff, Volunteer.
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He who is suppose to follow the rules.
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a slave to the lender
The person or persons responsible for paying back the amount of the mortgage to the lender. The borrowers are named in the mortgage form.
Mortgagee (Lender)
An individual who has applied, and been accepted, for a mortgage.
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One who borrows.