Definitions for "Borders"
A strip of wallpaper, usually less than 15-inches wide, that is used as a decorative element along ceiling lines, chair rails and around doors and windows.
A line or decorative element that defines the edge of a document, item or cell (such as in a spreadsheet program, for instance, Excel).
Stenciled and hand painted borders are used to soften the edges of rooms and ceiling lines and add interest to the space.
Name given to the border lands between Scotland and England. See also the Marches. Also the border lands between the mythical Avalonian Empire and elsewhere.
Pieces of black cloth running across the top of the stage
Borders, available in varying sizes and thickness, are used to frame photographs and make them more vivid. Some examples of borders include, thin or thick white/ black lines, or sloppy white/black borders, which give your images a more elegant look and feel.
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In scenery, material hung at the top of the set to hide fly system from the audience. Also called Teasers.
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Simple or intricate designs which frame and customize a flooring installation.