Definitions for "bootleg"
distributed or sold illicitly; especially, imported illegally.
to produce alcohol illegally.
Audio: To produce, distribute, or sell an unofficial copy of a musical recording, or an original but illegal recording. Also referred to as pirate.
A deceptive move by the quarterback where he fakes handing the ball to the running back and then hides the ball against his hip as he runs around one end of the line of scrimmage. After bootlegging to the end of the line, quarterbacks can either throw to open receivers or run downfield on their own.
The quarterback fakes a hand-off to backs going one way while goes the other way to run or pass
often called the 'quarterback keeper', it is when the offense is close to the defenses goal line. The defense will crowd in at the scrimmage and the quarterback will fake a hand-off to a back, then run around for a touchdown
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to sell illicit products such as drugs or alcohol.
sell illicit products such as drugs or alcohol; "They were bootlegging whiskey"
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Bootleg was a 2002 miniseries for children, commissioned by the BBC and based on a book of the same name by Alex Shearer. It was made shown as a three-part series in the UK in 2002, then was broadcast in Australia and all over the world. It has since won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award for best Children's Drama, as well as many other international awards.
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a soundboard from Summer Arena
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Bootleg is the title of an album created by Larry Norman in 1972.
an illeagle copy of a DVD and an Import is an item that was shipped to the United States from over seas
An unauthorized copy of an original, copyrighted work.
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the part of a boot above the instep
a melting of the vocal part of a song with the instrumental part of another song, in order to obtain a new song, which is surprising or brings something new to the original songs used
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The remnant of a blast hole which did not properly break when the blast was initiated also called socket, butt or button.
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A pant style that tapers to the knee and then flares out gently so as to accommodate the bulk of the boot.
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A protection for track wires where the wires leave the conduit or ground near the rail.
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a product featuring licensed material without permission