Definitions for "Booting"
The process of loading the operating system software into memory to start up a computer. Also called starting. (Terms, Gr. 1)
Loading the operating system from hard or floppy disk into memory when the computer is turned on.
Loading a program into the computer’s memory
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Advantage; gain; gain by plunder; booty.
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The bulging of the leaf sheath due to increase in size of the young panicle and its upward extension inside the upper leaf sheath.
When enforcement immobilizes a vehicle by placing a wheel lock on the front driver's side tire to encourage the vehicle owner to make payment of all fees and/or fines owed to the university.
The process in which a device obtains startup information and begins to process it to attain a state of normal operation.
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A kicking, as with a booted foot.
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shortened form of Bootstrapping.
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A kind of torture. See Boot, n., 2.