Definitions for "Boolean Operation"
One of the three logical operations AND, OR, and NOT, first used by George Boole, fundamental to doing searching in databases.
A Boolean object combines two objects by performing a Boolean operation on them. In the software, a Boolean object is made from two overlapping objects. The original two objects are the operands (A and B) and the Boolean object itself is the result of the operation. For geometry, the Boolean operations are: Union: The Boolean object contains the volume of both original objects. The intersecting or overlapping portion of the geometry is removed. Intersection: The Boolean object contains only the volume that was common to both original objects (in other words, where they overlapped). Subtraction (or difference): The Boolean object contains the volume of one original object with the intersection volume subtracted from it.
A 3D modeling method where one object is modeled by adding or subtracting another object from its surface. The common commands are Boolean union, Boolean subtraction, and Boolean intersection.
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