Definitions for "Bookstore"
a natural focus for the exchange of information not only about books and authors but also about related cultural events such as lectures, conferences, course offerings, even other community activities
Located in the Lower Level of the College Union building, the bookstore provides a place where textbooks, school supplies, clothing, snacks and FMCC gear may be purchased.
All colleges have bookstores. It will generally stock all the books and other materials required in all the courses offered at the institution as well as providing basic sundries and clothing items.
a citadel of ideas, much like a library, and the lifeblood of a free society is the publication of those ideas, no matter how bizarre they might seem
a literary buffet - a smorgasbord of words and ideas tucked into neat alphabetical rows
an additional facility DPA-Training school offers to it's customers
MyPublisher&'s online tool for sharing, storing and re-ordering PhotoBooks. This service is offered free to all MyPublisher customers who have purchased PhotoBooks. All PhotoBooks purchased through MyPublisher in 2006 are available.
a bad place to go to see what historical works are out there
a place at the Summit to see and buy this year's hottest publications, newest how-to manuals and a broad range of other products
a place where food is available, a kind of nourishment
a dynamic, reliable resource for students, alumni, and the local alternative-health community
a new resource for eBook lovers and has some good stuff available
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a labor of love for anybody," she said
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A store where books are kept for sale; -- called in England a bookseller's shop.
a shop where books are sold
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a store that sells books "
A bookstore or bookshop is a retailer that primarily sells books.
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a great place for a party
a great way to go through a lot of money without a lot of profit," Ingles said
a contract station operating under U
a contract station operating under US Postal Service (USPS)
a remarkable observational laboratory for which to observe human behavior
a real benefit to boiler industry professionals
a magnet for smart and interesting people, readers
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a convenient and cost-cutting way to get the exact books you need
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a room full of books