Definitions for "Bookmarking"
A method of storing favorite Web sites in a browser.
A way of storing pointers to favorite Web sites in your browser
The action of marking a webpage in your browser, to make it easy to return to later. Most statistics packages will measure this a a new visitor, even though a loyalty relationship has been established.
In genetics and epigenetics, bookmarking is a biological phenomenon believed to function as an epigenetic mechanism for transmitting cellular memory of the pattern of gene expression in a cell, throughout mitosis, to its daughter cells. This is vital for maintaining the phenotype in a lineage of cells so that, for example, liver cells divide into liver cells and not some other cell type.
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Recording an order to buy or sell a security when it reaches the marketplace. Bookmarking determines an order's place within the execution queue as well as the current price. CFS orders are bookmarked to the volume and best price available on the security's primary exchange as soon as the Third Market broker/dealer receives them. See also NBBO.