Definitions for "booklet"
Stamps issued in a portable booklet foorm printed in large sheets.
A multipage publication that typically emphasizes textual information. Binding may be stapled or glued.
a unit of stamps, sold by the post office, comprising one or more booklet panes. Traditional booklets used cardboard covers stapled or glued together to protect the enclosed booklet panes. With a few exceptions, traditional booklet panes used water-activated gum. Contemporary booklets (both convertible booklets and vending booklets) contain self-adhesive stamps and are sold as single panes. Contemporary booklets do not have separate covers. The backing paper serves as the cover.
1. A large, open side envelope for catalogs, annual reports or brochures. This style is more popular than traditional open end catalog envelopes because it can be used in automatic inserting machines. 2. A booklet also refers to a commercial open side envelope with two side seams.
Open side envelope with two side seams inside. Used for mailing booklets, folders and catalogs.
1) A large, open side envelope for catalogs, annual reports, and brochures. This style is gaining popularity over traditional Catalog (Open End) envelopes because it can be used with automatic inserting machines. 2) Also refers to Commercial Open Side envelopes with two side seams.
Print your document in a booklet form without reformatting. Just simply copy/paste page sequences to your text processor print dialog.
The booklet option on a copier is great to make handbooks and manuals. With this option, you can a take a multiple page single sided document and turn it into a booklet with two pages per sheet, front and back, with a cover.
A publication of less than 48 pages.
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Army Post Office. An official United States post office established for use by U.S. military units abroad. An army post office or military post office is set up to distribute mail to and from military personnel. The APO is indicated by numbers during wartime to prevent revealing personnel locations. The locations become generally known after the conflict ends.
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a profit center unto itself as well as a marketing tool
a useful guide to capitalizing on the many exciting opportunities to export your products to Japan
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a new field wherein you expand your world and develop new skills
an excellent way to test a new market or new materials
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a way for the reader to test out the information of the author, to see if it's something that leads to wanting more of what the author's got
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A little book.
an acceptable Publications Mail enclosure priced with the host publication
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a short book or book