Definitions for "BOOK REVIEW"
An article in which a book is described and critically evaluated. See How to Find Book Reviews.
Assignment where the principal task is to comment on the contents or on some aspect of the contents of a book.
a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)
an overview or critique of a selected work
A summary of a book, including its critique.
A summary of a book you read sharing your thoughts and feeling about the book.
an analysis of the historiographical value (that is, the worth of the book's contribution to the literature of what has already been written about this topic) and the quality of the argument presented by the author, who is most likely a historian
an assessment of the work of other historians
An analysis of a book based on content, style, and merit.
a reader's summation, reflection, opinion of a certain reading
a written report which provides information about the content of either a fiction or non-fiction book, and an opinion about this content
a great selling tool
an essential marketing tool
an account of one individual person's reaction to a book
a reaction paper to a book
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a little different from a book report, but you can put either kind on your page
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an information claim about another information claim