Definitions for "book"
A record of betting transactions for a specific event.
A bookmaker (who often works from a betting shop, though increasingly over the Internet or by telephone) will open a book of bets, in other words, he will come up with a range of bets and an opening betting market for a horse race. As the betting proceeds, on the basis of what the punters think will win, and are betting on, he will change the odds so that his profit (if he gets the market correct) will still give him a profit. Therefore, all the odds in a race times by all the bets laid at those odds will never be greater than the money a bookmaker has taken in bets - so that, if he gets it right, he makes a profit
A Book is an establishment that accepts bets on the outcome of sporting events.
A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.
A composition, written or printed; a treatise.
A part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "Paradise Lost."
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The record of buy and sells positions held by a dealer, desk, or room.
The total currency positions a dealer has at any given moment. Typically, the dealer aims to have a net position of zero in terms of risk. This means that for the aggregate, all customer's long positions and short term positions balance each other out. Passing the Book normally refers to transferring trading the bank's positions to another office, when business day is done in that time zone.
A summary of a trader or desk's outstanding positions.
Published opening theory. A book player is one who relies on memorization of published analysis rather than on his own creative imagination. Taking someone out of book refers to sidestepping published analysis by playing a new or unorthodox move. This denies him the chance to make use of a good memory and forces him to find good moves on his own.
The written body of high-level chess play. "Book" moves are standard. A book player memorizes openings and their variants, and goes to pieces if his opponent strays from the accepted line.
A pattern of moves expected to be played based on theoretical manuals by Chess players.
to make an official record of a charge against (a suspect in a crime); -- performed by police.
A process done by police at the time of arrest which involves fingerprinting, photographing, and writing down personal data.
to formal, clerical aspect of an arrest. During "booking", several forms are filled out containing the defendent's personal information and a description of the possessions he or she was carrying at the time of arrest. certiorari - petitioning the Supreme Court to hear an appeal
an agent's record of riding engagements for a jockey.
Jockey's record of riding engagements.
To schedule a date for a speaking engagement.
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Six tricks taken by one side, in the game of bridge or whist, being the minimum number of tricks that must be taken before any additional tricks are counted as part of the score for that hand; in certain other games, two or more corresponding cards, forming a set.
The basic six tricks that must be taken by the declaring side. Since there is a total of 13 tricks, these six tricks below the half are always assumed and are never taken into account in scoring. Thus, a contract on level 1 denotes taking at least (6+1) tricks.
the first six tricks taken by declarer. Only tricks in excess of book are counted for fulfilling the final contract. (To make a contract of 4S, you must take 10 tricks -- 6 for book plus the 4 named in the bid). Book also refers to the number of tricks the defenders must win before they can begin earning a score for defeating a contract. (If the opponents' contract is 3D, book for defenders is 4 tricks -- if they take a fifth trick, they defeat declarer's contract and earn a plus score.)
Africa A bundle of employers references carried by servants.
An expression mostly used by carpenters to describe a bundle of veneer sheets following each other as in a book.
The standard term to describe a bundle of sixteen to twenty skeins or hanks of raw silk compactly packed weighing 2 to 2.5kg.
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the purchase orders still outstanding and unfilled on a company's ledger; as, book to bill ratio.
Journal or ledger or, as a verb, to record an entry.
The collection of unfilled orders residing on a computer at an electronic trading exchange.
the model's portfolio book of photos.
A talent agency's listing, with pictures of actors and models.
a collection of photographs and tears a model uses to promote herself. Also called a portfolio.
A volume or collection of sheets in which accounts are kept; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenditures, etc.; -- often used in the plural; as, they got a subpoena to examine our books.
A collection of more than 48 pages which has a distinctive title and is fastened together in a binding.
A number of sheets brought together, folded, and stitched.
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Shorter nickname for sportsbook
A bound volume of divine, god-given wisdom (if it's part of any of the two first installments of the Middle-Eastern Trilogy). A bound volume containing demonic, magical and satanic knowledge (if it's scientific, political or philosophical). A foul demon (according to John the Chrysostome).
a common term for a magazine.
A bound publication of 49 or more pages that is not a magazine or periodical.
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I.D. Soundbite
A book that is commonly edited by a fool. Many persons of some small distinction compile scrap-books containing whatever they happen to read about themselves or employ others to collect. One of these egotists was addressed in the lines following, by Agamemnon Melancthon Peters: Dear Frank, that scrap-book where you boast You keep a record true Of every kind of peppered roast That's made of you; Wherein you paste the printed gibes That revel round your name, Thinking the laughter of the scribes Attests your fame; Where all the pictures you arrange That comic pencils trace -- Your funny figure and your strange Semitic face -- Pray lend it me. Wit I have not, Nor art, but there I'll list The daily drubbings you'd have got Had God a fist.
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A collection of modules associated together is called a book. The primary means of associating them can be found here: Wikibooks:Books.[ edit
To enter the name of (any one) in a book for the purpose of securing a passage, conveyance, or seat; to reserve{2}; also, to make an arrangement for a reservation; as, to be booked for Southampton; to book a seat in a theater; to book a reservation at a restaurant.
v. 1. To reserve. The British never reserve a table at a restaurant or a room at an hotel, they always BOOK it: "Do we need to BOOK in advance, do you think?" The term BOOKING means a reservation.
(verb) to reserve a room or equipment
A chronological record of a specialists inventory of securities and orders...
the list of current buy and sell orders maintained by a stock market specialist.
to buy or to have bought; as in "book media" or "booked media"
To enter, write, or register in a book or list.
faith, learning to read and write, a scholar. A prayer, or knowledge or even memory (where it has a dog-eared page). It may represent the Book of Life and is often shown as a bible. A popular form is the book as a double page spread...............
A number of letters, collected into words, compiled into sentences, arranged into paragraphs and rendered on pages glued or stapled to one another could in some circles considered to be a book. Books were actually first used by the earliest of cavemen, but weren't much use since although a few privileged elders were able to write, absolutely nobody could read. Which makes them about as useless as a one-legged umbrella wielding elephant.
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In a musical, the dialogue text, apart from the music and song lyrics.
the story and the dialogue of a musical
The actual story of a musical; the play part.
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(SE-fer / se-fah-REEM) n. Book(s). The Jews are sometimes referred to as Am haSefer: People of the book.
Refers to an insurer's in-force business.
see Private placement memorandum.
The term used for the memorandum that describes a business for sale.
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the When players say, "The book says to split 4's against a 5.", they are referring to the basic strategy chart (not a specific book).
A book (also known as book award) is an award given by most law schools to the student who achieves the highest grade in each class. Referring to the recipient of a book award, a law school student might say, for example, "X booked torts".
The master copy of the script used at stage management corner which has all sound, lighting, flying and entrance cues marked, as well as a detailed plot of moves by the actors on stage. The book is also used for prompting.
A copy of the script, kept by the Stage Manager, which includes all cues and notes. Also known, usually in amateur theatre, as the "prompt copy."
Foretells pleasant days if you study them. Harmony, honour and good behaviour is denoted in dreaming of books. Old books warn you to avoid the appearance of evil.
a book or list, actual or hypothetical, containing records of the best performances in some endeavor; a recordbook; -- used in the phrase one for the book or one for the books.
Typically dates following the record date on which the company allows no transfer of shares as it processes dividend pay-out, a rights, split or a bonus issue. It is also a term to describe the period during which the company's books are closed for updating the list of its shareholders to facilitate member entitlements such as payment of dividends, issue of bonus shares, issue of fresh shares and so on.
A specified number of stacks of Prepreg plies which are assembled for Curing in a lamination press.
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the set of facts about an athlete's performance, such as typical performance or playing habits or methods, that are accumulated by potential opponents as an aid in deciding how best to compete against that athlete; as, the book on Ted Williams suggests pitching to him low and outside.
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To schedule a wrestler for a show.
Preliminary indications of interest rate on the part of potential buyers of an IPO. Also, the record of activity in the syndicate account.
A preliminary indication of interest in a new issue deal.
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To mark out for; to destine or assign for; as, he is booked for the valedictory.
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A portion of tobacco that has been prepared for use in making cigars by hand. The tobacco in a book has been stemmed and will be used either as binders or wrappers. Also known as a pad.
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Meteorites and Their Parent Planets
In PeopleSoft Asset Management, used for storing financial and tax information, such as costs, depreciation attributes, and retirement information on assets.
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A slang term for the Arbitron rating period.
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Block: Endpapers, text block and all other materials before hard or soft binding.
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A series of tickets for bingo games.
(85) - indicates a book.
The list of investors who have indicated an intere... Add a comment
A series of thoughtful concepts with a natural and physical connection to a titled subject / body-of-knowledge which forms a complete perspective for the purpose of knowledge transfer.
a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; -- used in preparing for a performance.
A closed book symbolises a secret held by someone who is close to you.
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A three-card draw.
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Run/Get away/Leave
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An open book means learning and knowledge.
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to secure a job
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same as book value.
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See Prompt Book.
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See bookmaker.