Definitions for "Bonfire "
Bonfire is a CD burning tool for the Gnome desktop. It features the ability to burn / copy / erase data and audio discs, full editing of data discs as well as audio discs, devices detection thanks to HAL, file change notification (requires kernel >
Bonfire is an application to burn CD/DVD for the gnome desktop.
Bonfire is a 5 disc box set* by the Australian band AC/DC, released in 1997. It was created as a tribute to the band's earlier singer Bon Scott and included the two disc soundtrack to the movie Let There be Rock, some early unreleased tracks, a live recording from the Atlantic Records studio in New York and a remastered version of Back in Black.
A large fire built in the open air, as an expression of public joy and exultation, or for amusement.
a large outdoor fire
a big outdoor party fire
This data structure is used by the BIRN to integrate bridge terms and relations across disparate ontologies.
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a terrible thing
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Traditional on Guy Fawkes but don't feel obliged to have one! Turn them over before lighting (animals nesting!).