Definitions for "Bone Resorption"
The phase of bone remodeling during which bone is degraded and eliminated by osteoclasts.
the process by which old bone tissue is broken down and removed by special cells called osteoclasts. Bone resorption is very fast and any one spot takes only about three weeks. Bone resorption is normally in balance with bone formation. Increased calcium and vitamin D control resorption rates.
Another term for bone breakdown. The bone turnover process involves both the breakdown or resorption of old bone and the formation of new bone. The cell responsible for bone resorption is the osteoclast.
The wearing away of the bone matrix, which can eventually leading to osteopenia and/or osteoporosis, and fractures.
The wearing away of bone tissue, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis, spinal deformities ("dowager's hump"), and fractures.
A decrease in bone supporting the roots of teeth, generally caused by periodontal disease or from loss of teeth
Decrease in bone supporting the roots of teeth; a common result of periodontal (gum disease)
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The gradual loss of bone, following tooth extraction.