Definitions for "bondholder"
A person who holds the bonds of a public or private corporation for the payment of money at a certain time.
a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation
a creditor of the corporation, not a part owner as is the shareholder
A Bondholder is the individual, traditionally the member of the warrior caste responsible for the bondsman's capture, to whom he or she "belongs." The Clan considers the bondholder responsible for the actions, education and punishment of the bondsman.
The owner of a bond. In addition to receiving regular interest payments and...
The person or entity having a true and legal ownership interest in a municipal bond.  In the case of book-entry only bonds, the beneficial owner will often be treated as the bondholder under the bond contract, although for certain purposes the entity holding the global certificates representing the entire issue will retain the rights of the bondholder under the bond contract.  Compare:  BENEFICIAL OWNER.
Any person who is the bearer of any outstanding bond registered to the bearer or not registered. Also means the registered owner of a registered bond.
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Also known as a Mortgagee - see 'Mortgagee'.
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The purchaser of bonds.