Definitions for "Bond Issue"
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A reference indicating the particular classification or quantity of bonds issued at a given time.
A bond issue is a way to provide "up-front" money for a TIF district. The City in essence borrows money by selling "IOU" notes to private investors, who later get their money back with interest. The City uses the new property taxes generated in the TIF (the "increment") to pay back this loan. (See the NCBG fact sheet, "Front Funding Your TIF," p. 88.)
The total value of bonds issued at one time.
A general term referring to borrowings of local governmental subdivisions such as village, county etc. Written evidence of the obligation to repay a specified principal at a certain date with interest.
Issuance of a certificate of indebtedness by a governmental entity in return for money it borrows. (See “CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION”, “LEASE APPROPRIATION BOND” and "REVENUE BOND.")
bonds sold by a corporation or government agency at a particular time and identifiable by date of maturity
Bonds sold in one or more series authorized under the same indenture or resolution and having the same maturity date.
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payable at sight
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a municipal mortgage