Definitions for "Bombproof"
The assumption that an anchor is bomber
A hold or anchor that is thought to offer the utmost security; for example, a top-rope anchor around a large, stable tree trunk or immovable boulder.
A hold or anchor that offers absolute security, for example, a top-rope anchor around a large tree, or double ring bolts.
Secure against the explosive force of bombs.
A structure which heavy shot and shell will not penetrate.
A shelter which resists the effect of bombs or shells exploding above it.
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A structure designed to provide security against artillery fire.
a log or plank room or bunker covered over with earth to protect troops from artillery fire.  A surviving bombproof appears as a large mound of earth, sometimes with an elongated depression in the top where underlying timbers have collapsed or in the side where the entrance used to be. See Magazine.
A structure sufficiently thick and strong to be impenetrable by bombs.
a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities; used during air raids
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Very secure, unlikely to move even in case of catastrophe.