Definitions for "Bollard"
Keywords:  moor, wharf, quay, bitt, berth
An upright wooden or iron post in a boat or on a dock, used in veering or fastening ropes.
A barrier post, usually 30 to 42 inches in height, used to inhibit vehicular traffic
One of a series of posts preventing vehicles from entering an area
an aesthetic concrete an excellent choice for vehicle access control, satisfying requirements of measure, and as a vandal deterrent
an aesthetic concrete/steel barrier used to protect critical infrastructures as well as define a roadway or path
an immovable object, concreted in the ground
A pipe firmly mounted in a horizontal surface, usually 4-6 inches in diameter and usually cement filled, which protects a piece of equipment from vehicular impact.
An electronic bollard that recedes into the ground, either on a fixed schedule or by remote control, frequently used in European central cities