Definitions for "boilerplate"
A standard form or template used in a contract or other legal document.
One of the few computer terms to originate in the legal profession, boilerplate refers to elements of text or documents that appear consistently in many or all documents (e.g.. a copyright notice)
Boilerplate items usually refer to large sections of standard text, such as might be found in legal documents, as opposed to a corporate logo or masthead, or to a template which is a fixed way of laying out graphic and text elements in repetitively produced documents.
A metal replica of the flight model (e.g. of a spacecraft) but usually heavier and cruder for test purposes.
The term Boilerplate in rocketry refers to a non-functional system or payload which is used to test the configuration. It is a lot cheaper to use this method than to launch the full spacecraft.
Boilerplate is a modern hoax, purporting that a Victorian era robot, created by a Professor Archibald Campion during the 1880s, was unveiled at the 1893 "World's Columbian Exposition". Archibalds's "creation" is featured on the website, which includes photographs and other references.
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bylaws back-to-back loans
bylaws contingency
A brief paragraph describing who you are, what you do, and how you do it; can be used as the first paragraph in a biography or last paragraph in a news release.
stored paragraphs or documents that may be combined or recalled to create a new document.
a brief summary of your organization and why it exists
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Bollinger Bands Bolsa
sections of a proposal applicable to a variety of requests, e.g., organizational descriptions, professional resumes, etc.; often maintained by organizations submitting numerous proposals in order to reduce preparation time.
Those parts of a contractor or grant proposal which are standard and do not relate to the specific project for which the application is made. These include such things as capabilities statements (facilities available, number of staff, past experience), general statements on the organization, or the negotiated indirect cost rate.
Organizational information which is included in a proposal
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skiing term for ice that forms from liquid water (as opposed to compressed snow)
a description of the company and its activities
a short description of the company and what it does
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thick plate iron used in the production of boilers