Definitions for "Body language"
Using facial expressions, hand and foot movements, touching, posture, and the presence or absence of eye contact to communicate.
The term used to describe the use of the body to communicate information, either consciously or unconsciously.
gestures, facial expressions, and body postures that people use to communicate along with or instead of speech. Body language is also referred to as kinesics . Waving good-bye with a hand and arm or winking one eye to indicate a shared secret are examples of body language in North America. Body language is learned as part of a culture.
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The suggestion that bodily actions can be organized into patterns resembling patterns found in spoken language.
Body Language is a 2003 album by Australian singer Kylie Minogue, her ninth studio album. The album peaked at #6 in the United Kingdom, and at #2 in her native Australia. It also reached number #42 on the United States Billboard 200 chart, #38 in Canada, #23 in New Zealand and #11 in Germany.
Body Language is a studio album by Journey keyboardist and composer Jonathan Cain. The album was released in 1997.
Movement of the arms, torso, legs, prior to striking the ball, which might give a clue to the choice of shot.
Physical queues from the visitor or learner that indicate a need for change; from an Interpreter these queues are deliberate supportive movements for the interpretation.