Definitions for "Bobbin"
Keywords:  spool, lockstitch, sewing, wound, reel
A small pin, or cylinder, formerly of bone, now most commonly of wood, used in the making of pillow lace. Each thread is wound on a separate bobbin which hangs down holding the thread at a slight tension.
A spool or reel of various material and construction, with a head at one or both ends, and sometimes with a hole bored through its length by which it may be placed on a spindle or pivot. It is used to hold yarn or thread, as in spinning or warping machines, looms, sewing machines, etc.
A cylindrical or spool-shaped coil or insulated wire, usually containing a core of soft iron which becomes magnetic when the wire is traversed by an electrical current.
To dream of bobbins, denotes that important work will devolve on you, and your interests will be adversely affected if you are negligent in dispatching the same work.
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Body Bohemian school
generic term used for dissolving pellets or capsules that activate firing pins in automatic life jackets.
Keywords:  braid, cord, fine, narrow
A fine cord or narrow braid.
Keywords:  descender, type
Type of descender.
Keywords:  latch, string, little, rounded, raise
The little rounded piece of wood, at the end of a latch string, which is pulled to raise the latch.
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A type of turning fund on the legs of 17th C furniture.