Definitions for "BOARD FOOT"
Keywords:  lumber, mbf, cubic, thick, sawlog
A volume measure of lumber, being I ft wide, I ft long, and I in thick (12 in x 12 in x I in = 144 cu in).
Unit of measurement represented by a board 1' long, 1' wide, and 1" thick. Abbreviation ft. b.m., bd. ft., or fmb. In finished or surfaced lumber, the board-foot measure is based on the nominal size. In practice, the working unit is 1000 board feet. Abbreviation M bd. ft., M.B.M., or M.B.F.
A measure of lumber volume in a tree (or elsewhere). A volume of unfinished solid wood that is one foot square and one inch thick (e.g., 12" x 12" x 1"; 144 cubic inches). (MBF = Thousand Board Feet.)