Definitions for "blues"
Keywords:  jazz, melancholy, folk, lyrics, seventh
a type of folk song that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century; has a melancholoy sound from repeated used of blue notes.
an expressive form of North American folk music. Usually distinguished by a syncopated 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, and a 12-bar structure.
A musical style at the heart of the music of black Americans and permeating all sorts of jazz and popular forms. Melodically, blues are characterized by "blue" notes, notably by flatting pitches (3rd, 5th, 7th) in a prevailingly major scale; formally, the "12-bar blues" consists of three 4-bar phrases, AAB, with a conventional harmonic progression; poetically, the blues suggest sad emotion. The blues can be any or all of these.
Nonreproducible photographic prints made from negatives used in platemaking that enable an editor to verify that all art and text are in proper position and that pages are in sequence.
The first set of pages that come back from the printer before a final print run of the magazine is done. Blues are used to catch last-minute mistakes and are usually only seen by the EIC, Art Director, and/or Managing Editor.
One type of final proof made from page negatives and called blues because the images usually appear in a blue color. This is the last stage of proof before printing plates are made and thus the last point at which anything in the book can be changed.
The Blues, formerly the Auckland Blues, are a professional New Zealand rugby union team based in Auckland, New Zealand, and representing the Northland, North Harbour and Auckland unions. They compete in the Super 14 (formerly Super 12) competition, which they have won three times; 1996, 1997, and 2003. The Blues' main home ground is Eden Park in Auckland.
Keywords:  hideout, skirmish, dea, baron, raid
a single-scenario modern skirmish-level / role-playing game about a DEA raid on a Drug Baron's hideout
Keywords:  valeries, valium, pills, war
Valium (or Vs or Valeries, War Pills).
a humorous and bittersweet portrayal of an ordinary family dealing with the challenges of everyday life
Keywords:  blair, parody, witch, zone, free
a Blair Witch parody-free zone
Blues are butterflies that belong to the family Lycaenidae. Most blues have some type of relationship with ants.
Keywords:  ensuing, cambridge, sports, teams, gain
Top-level University sports teams and the ensuing games against Cambridge. A Blue is what you gain for representing the University at this level.
Keywords:  welcome, manic, burst, never, fails
a welcome burst of manic energy that never fails to please
Blue lights used backstage in a performance situation. See also working lights.
Keywords:  depression, bad, mental, case
a state of depression; as, he had a bad case of the blues.
mental depression
Sailor's regulation blue dress and winter uniforms."
Keywords:  predecessors, easier, bit, read, first
a bit easier if you read its predecessors first
Keywords:  nickname, shield, cross, plans
Nickname for Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans.