Definitions for "BLUELINE"
An inexpensive method of making a proof of a negative. So called because the paper itself is blue. Used to check position of items or to check correct sequence of pages.
1. A proof made on special paper producing a blue on white print when exposed to a negative overlay. The paper used has been treated with iron. See also: brownprint; silverprint; Van dyke. 2. A blue colored print created from an offset printing plate and used in the production process. 3. A line or image created with special blue ink that is not reproduced in photographic negatives or positives. Often used for positioning notes or instructions.
A printer's proof which is literally blue markings on white paper. All AAs and corrections should have been made prior to seeing a blue line.
a series of specialty items with unique and special features
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a one-color representation of what a final job will look like